Peace Corps Journey/ Timeline

“It’s all about the journey.” Something that I have to keep telling myself to enjoy each and every moment of each journey that I am blessed with.


Peace Corps is on the mind as an “option after graduation”. Family members send me YouTube videos like this one and contact me with RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) to encourage me


IMG_4910September: Begins application.

November: Attends information session.


January 24 – Finally overcomes insecurities and submits application. 

February 10 – Finishes sending out additional reference forms.

February 18 – Speaks on the phone with Susan (my beginning Peace Corps contact), schedules Skype interview.

February 20 – Has phone interview. Immediately following phone interview, receives six potential program’s information including Domincan Republic, Ethopia, Rwanda, Morocco and Panama (various educational programs leaving in June 2014 and February 2015).

February 21 – After “much” thought, chooses Panama February 2015 as preferred program. Receives “nomination” to Panama in February 2015 (a nomination “is a recommendation that an applicant move to the next stage of consideration; the medical, legal, suitability, and competitive reviews.” It is not a final offer).

March 1 – Turns in fingerprints and legal clearance form. Receives initial medical clearance. Continues to advance language skills, teaching abilities, etc. through volunteer work in Detroit.

March 10 – Receives initial legal clearance and additional resources to learn more about program.

April 17 – Checks in with PC initial contact and informs about new volunteer service experience

May 14 – Updates resume/ transcript with the PC “education desk” with new english teaching experience in Detroit

May 30 – Calls office about updates

August 5 – Updates resume with PC midwest regional office

August 28 – Receives email that all program spots for the Panama 2015 program have been filled. *Cries* Is asked to not contact the office until further notice. Begins to research other options for future.

September 3 – Receives email about potential other eligible programs. Lists preference as Zambia out of 5 countries. (Kyrgyz Republic, Zambia, Mongolia, Georgia, Burkina Faso).

September 4 – Receives official invitation to Zambia, June 2015 with RED (Rural Education Development).

September 5-7: Researches Zambia and accidentally prematurely falls in love with the country.

September 7: Accepts invitation to Zambia, June 2015. IMG_0388

September 8: Reviews tasks and begins with “PreStaging Check-list”.

September 14: Meets with RPCV Micronesia, 2007-2009 Michael Gall the East Michigan Field Based Recruiter.

September 25: Has appointment with official Passport acceptance agency (the post office downtown Detroit) to submit and sign documents for my Peace Corps Passport and Zambian Visa. Submits all documents.

September 28: Contacts Peace Corps office about issues with LearningSpace (online training) and the Medical Portal login information.zmaf

October 7: Has doctor’s physical examination and pap smear. Receives 4 shots including TD (Tetanus and Diptheria), MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) booster and Varicella. Scans and submits documents into portal.

December 18: Has dental examination/ X-rays. Scans and submits documents.


March 10: Has YellowFever Vaccination with travel doctor. Scans and submits documents.

March 26: Attends Michigan Peace Corps Send-Off Celebration 2015 with my awesome people (Aunt Diane, Bobby, Amol, Angelica and Grandpa Mathers AKA- Team Hannah <3) IMG_0082CBEsG0tWQAADzaW.jpg-large

April 23: Has dinner with RPCV Zambia 2009-2011, Sarah. Learns that Zambia has delicious mangos. Gets very excited.

Everything happens for a reason. God closes one door to open another one. I’m realizing more and more how one challenge/ step in the journey has lead to another to another and to where I am today and then where I will be tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing the future of this “timeline”


A bulletin board I did about a year before Zambia was in the picture.



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  2. Sarah

    Just saw this post for the first time – this was a great idea to post. Love the shout out & can’t wait to have you eat some of those mangos for me!

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