Contact me

Here is my address for my training (the first three months of my service- June through August, 2015)

Hannah Mathers,
Peace Corps, P.O. Box 50707,
Lusaka, Zambia, Africa


Also here is some advice on sending mail to Zambia from the U.S. written by a great RPCV:

Advice for sending mail to Zambia

If you follow the guidelines below, the chances of a package reaching me will increase!

Types of envelopes\packages

The more inconspicuous the package\envelope, the less likely the package will be stolen. Large padded envelops are a great choice…the customs and postage charges will also be cheaper. The US post office also gives away free international flat rate boxes…you can fill these boxes to the brim, and the postage remains the same…you can pick these up from your local post office, or order them for free online. Please note that letters\packages can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive. So, if you send me a letter, and you haven’t heard back from me for several weeks…don’t get worried…it’s just the lag time with the postal system. Also, it’s a good idea to # your letters if you mail letters to me often…sometimes the 2nd letter arrives before the 1st letter.

How to pack packages

If you’re sending food, such as shrink wrapped cookies, shrink-wrap several smaller quantities instead of one big one. Also, there’s no such thing as “dead space” in a box or padded envelope. Great packing materials (that I can use) include good plastic bags, Ziploc bags, small individually wrapped snacks, socks, chewing gum, etc. Be warned, that packages may be ravaged by rodents at some point during the journey. The best solution is to package everything inside a Tupperware-type container and then put that in a box. Put all the food in the box and pack the other stuff around it as necessary.

Customs Forms

All packages mailed out of the country, must include customs forms. You can pickup the forms from your local post office. The forms ask for the package’s content and value. After the form is filled out, the postal worker attaches it to the outside of the package. Use general terms about the package’s content on the customs form. If you are sending clothes for example, just indicate clothes…don’t indicate Nike shirt. However, you could also indicate that that the package’s content is school or religious supplies… Basically make the contents appear as unappetizing as possible. It also helps if you mark the packages content as used (ex. used religious supplies). Please remember when indicating the US dollar value on the customs forms, I will have to pay a percentage of the value that you put on the package before I can take the package from the post office.

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Most Important

Want international correspondence? Send me lots of letters! I would love to hear from home!!!


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