Twatotela, Chipembi 

Written from the heart on August 25.   
Chipembi is the name of the village where we spent the last three months training. (We are officially done with training!) It was packed with learning, challenges, stretching, growth, ahhh it was just intense. Which I am using as an excuse for why I have not written in a while (that and connection is hard to come by!) 
I’m writing as a special typical me closure to this place where I truly feel so much growth has happened. I learned many surface lessons, like how to ride my bike on Zambian roads, how to fix my bike, how to hand wash my clothes, how to carry water on my head, how to wear chitenge (a special cloth wrap that woman wear/ use for everything here), how to speak Bemba (yay! I love it!), how to cook on a brazier (open fire), HOW TO TEACH!, how to bargain for vegetables (ahhh so many lessons). Aside from these tangible things I’ve learned, I feel like much deeper lessons have been taking place. I’ve only just begun to benefit from the many lessons that I know Zambia has for me in the next two years. The stretching has forced me to do some heart/ intention checking. Questions like- why am I here? How do I view the people I serve? How do I view people who serve me? I hope to continue this reflective attitude through my service (this is me asking you to call me out if I’m not). 
I’m also trying new things. I’m acknowledging my insecurities and encouraging myself to not let them make my decisions. I’m focusing on choosing love over fear. I’m doing things that cause me pain but are best for me at this time (What starts off easy, ends up hard. What starts off hard, ends up easy). I’m stretching myself as much as I can! Some days I fail, but guess what? some days I have succeeded! And that’s pretty awesome. (I also give myself rest time don’t worry, momma) 
My three months in Chipembi have been exhausting but growth filled. I’m so thankful to everyone who took part in my learning (the trainees, the trainers, my family, strangers on the street). As you know from my many “see you later” posts, ending chapters hurt my heart. I feel deeply connected with people (I know after only three months) and  moving on hurts. Although yes (prepare for cliche) they will always be in my heart. But really, I believe in that stuff.
So my next step? Shortly, I will be sworn in as an official volunteer and will move to my permanent peace corps site (in Luapula, Zambia). Our first three months are called community entry where our only responsibility is to get integrated into the community by meeting as many people as we can, by speaking lots of Bemba, by eating lots of nshima (the staple Zambian dish), by observing classrooms, etc. Three months dedicated to shaking hands? Sounds like my kinda three months 🙂 
Again, I’m choosing to acknowledge my emotions which are so mixed right now. Ending a chapter hurts my heart and beginning a new one excites it. I’m on a ride of many emotions and I’ve only just begun. 
Thanks for showing me love. Much love back. 


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