Meet the Lungus

Typical Hannah disclaimer- this post is subjective and has got a lot of Hannah emotions all up in it. Also, as is everyone, my host family, the Lungus, are complex humans so I could never paint a proper picture of their beauty yet I will try my best to share a piece with you what they have shared with me

IMG_7546 (1)

Moses Lungu aka bataata (dad in Bemba)
Ba Moses is a Bemba brick builder born and raised in Zambia. He loves laughing with me about my silly Bemba mistakes and takes welcoming me into his home seriously. He take a lot of time teaching me about Zambia’s peaceful history and helps around the house a lot. He works hard for his family and I can see his excitement about learning about new cultures. He loves the peace in his country.


Roster Lungu: pronounced Row-stah, aka ba maayo (mom in Bemba)
Ba Maayo is a wonderful woman who farms and also literally does everything around the house. She is a BOSS (that is her actual title if I were to give her one). She daily carries 20 liters of water on her head, 2-5 liter containers in her hands AND a 3 month old baby on her back for about a mile. She cooks, cleans, teachers, feeds, Etc. Even through broken Bemba, I feel deeply connected to her. I can feel her love for her children through her humble service to them (and I’m thankful she regards me as one of hers). Often, we have conversations and when I fail to understand in Bemba, she breaks out perfect English with passion! She’s clever, fun, hardworking and a lover of laughing.



Barryson Lungu (pronounced Bar-son, aka bandume- brother in Bemba, age 13)
Barryson is the eldest brother which is a pretty serious position to have in Zambia. He does a lot around the house and could teach all of us about obedience with a happy heart (I wish he was my friend when I was a child complaining about chores). He is quiet, but smart and curious about new things (like taking apart and putting my head lamp back together). He wants to be a pilot when he grows up and I know he can do it



Clifford Lungu (brother, age 9)
Clifford is a little dancer. He is very sweet hearted and I love how he takes care of his little brother (Ezekiel). He laughs and dances and runs and rides the bike around and does silly faces and makes funny voices (I’m certain he would make for a great actor). He LOVES school and is quite good at it If I don’t say so myself. He wants to be an teacher when he grows up and also, I am certain he would be great at it



Ezekiel Lungu (brother, age 5)-  little Ezekiel. This boy (along with all of the family) brings a lot of joy into my life. He is so eager to live life. He plays in all the dirt he can find, he laughs loudly, smiles, runs, dances, plays some more, helps his momma with dishes, helps his momma cook, helps his brother Barryson gather the goats, helps with anything he possibly can, laughs more, cuddles with me, let’s me give him piggy back rides, teaches me Bemba and just loves love (we are similar in that way). He doesn’t know what he wants to be, but he’s gonna be good at it. I pray his heart always remains as filled with love as it is now.



Bizwao (Pronounced Biz-Waeo, brother, 3 months)- Bizwao eats and sleeps with his free time. He often breaks into a big laugh and then immediately back to a face of serious wonder. He’s growing fast!

Finishing up this post with tears in my eyes makes me realize once again how deep the connection is that I have with my new Zambian family. I’m so grateful that I’ve crossed paths with such beautiful souls. I will miss them dearly when I leave for my site (Samfya district in Luapula) in September and will hold each lesson they’ve taught me close to my heart. Thank you, Lungu family!

Much love. ❤



  1. Bobby

    Hannah they’re so cute!! I’m so happy that life has lead you to such amazing people! So proud of you!! Doing good seems to always eventually lead you to good people! Love you, sending you besitos from Detroit xoxo

  2. andyvinstra

    It looks like you’re settling in quite nicely. The family you’re living with sounds great. Does this woman really carry 5 gallons of water or more on her head every day? It seems like that would really mess up a persons neck. She must be one strong woman. Hopefully if you’re getting to like this family so much you might be able to go and visit them sometimes but I really don’t know what Zambia is like. I’m guessing the roads are bad and the Peace Corps is moving you some distance away. You do know how to make connections with people though, don’t you! The next time I see you, you might be speaking 20 some languages or something! Hannah Mathers, international love ambassador to the world!

    • Hannah Mathers

      Thanks so much for your kind words Andy! Yes she was a truly wonderful woman. You would love it here! Yea, the roads are in much different conditions than ours so it is difficult to get around but I surely hope to visit again. Much love, Andy! Tell Yvonne I say hi.

  3. American Brother (Age 22)

    Tears were coming to my eyes by the time I read that tears were in yours. Love you Hannah. Keep up God’s plan for you. Keep these posts coming.

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